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Are You Interested (AYI), the first online dating service to utilize Facebook connections in its matchmaking process by pairing friends of friends in the same social media circles, has announced that it has rebranded its AYI app and website.The new service is called First Met, which parent company Snap Interactive says “reflects the company’s vision for making it easier for single adults to meet new people in a friendly, low-pressure environment.” At first glance, the design of First Met is similar, and the app still uses Facebook as a connection tool.Qutubuddin Aibak, the first Muslim sultan of Delhi, seized Sambhal and included it under his empire.That was in the early 14th Century and subsequently, Firoz Shah Tughlaq, another sultan of Delhi, raided the town of Sambhal as one of the Hindu rulers from there was responsible for the killing of several of his men.Sambhal city is famous for its unique kind of horn and bone craft items which is manufactured in Sarai Tarin 4 km away from Sambhal city (but included in Sambhal) which are being exported. Sambhal has a rich history and has been home to several rulers and emperors. During 5th century BC, Sambhal was home to the Panchal rulers and was subsequently a part of king Ashoka’s empire.

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In 15th century BC, Sikandar Lodi, the second ruler of the Lodi empire, declared Sambhal as one of the capitals of his vast empire and it remained that way for four long years.Known as the “Venice of the East,” Suzhou indisputably lives up to its canal-city name.Resting 13 feet (4 m) above sea level, almost half of the 3,276-square-mile (8,488-sq-km) city of Suzhou is covered by water — 42.5 percent to be exact — making it a top-ranking, water-rich Chinese destination.Flanked by droves of meandering waterways and breathtaking gardens, the 2,500-year-old city of Suzhou is located along the southeastern edge of Jiangsu Province in eastern China.Suzhou is bordered by the Yangtze River in the north, Shanghai to its east, Zhejiang Province to its south and Lake Taihu in the west.

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