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Most molecular phylogenetic studies place all placental mammals into four superordinal groups, Laurasiatheria (e.g. Despite the high level of congruence among most molecular studies, questions still remain regarding the position and divergence time of the root of placental mammals, and certain ‘hard nodes’ such as the Laurasiatheria polytomy and Paenungulata that seem impossible to resolve. This phylogeny has provided a framework for numerous functional and comparative studies.The use of DNA sequences to estimate the timing of evolutionary events is increasingly popular, although it is fraught with practical difficulties.But the exponential growth of relevant information and improved methods of analysis are providing increasingly reliable sequence-derived dates, and it may become possible to reconcile fossil-derived and molecular estimates of divergence times within the next few years.We are nearing the fourth anniversary of the 64th Cannes Film Festival of 2011, where a metaphysically probing and visually dazzling film won the Palme d’Or, the highest prize at the premiere international film competition.The Tree of Life was only the fifth film from American director Terrence Malick in a forty-year career, and the film has remained something of an enigma.The Tree of Life presents us with the picture of a young family in Waco, Texas in 1956, and focuses mostly on the eldest son Jack (Hunter Mc Cracken) as he struggles with his loss of innocence and coming to terms with two “ways” in life: the way of “grace”, represented by his luminous mother, Mrs.

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Some molecular systematics laboratories now specialize in this task.

The history of life stretches back more than 3.6 billion years, to a time soon after liquid water had begun to accumulate from volcanic gases onto the newly solid surface of the Earth.

Within just a few hundred million years, or perhaps less, photosynthetic bacteria teemed in the infant oceans.

It is both biased and incomplete: different organisms differ enormously in how well they can be fossilized, and many intervals of Earth's history are poorly represented. This involves calibrating the rate at which protein or DNA sequences evolve and then estimating when two evolutionary lineages diverged, using the sequence differences among their living representatives (Figure ).

Like the fossil record, this genomic record is far from perfect: rates of sequence substitution vary over time and among lineages.

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