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Norrie, a tenured associate professor on contract as associate dean of the Ted Rogers School of Management, is asking for 5,000-plus in the case, in which he also claims defamation.

Apart from teaching one course — which he is only being permitted to do since Ryerson could not find a replacement — he is not allowed on campus, the court filing states.

Maybe you’ve heard about it from Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Enter Tinder, a quick and easy way many Ryerson students are evaluating potential partners.However, in court Wednesday, lawyer Stephen Gleave said a “large number” of complaints were made against Norrie, and that the university’s investigation “may include 20 persons.”Gleave, acting for the university, said Ryerson has hired an employment lawyer to look into the allegations and has another 10 employees to speak with.He also told court that in early April, after being put on leave, Norrie “attended (the campus)” and confronted “the people who had made complaints against him.”Norrie, according to some websites, was involved in the precursor of what became Lavalife, a successful Canadian online dating service.Arielle Piat-Sauve reports Gina Wicentowich took the elevator down to the lobby of her apartment building feeling a mix of excitement and nerves, but a good kind of nervousness.She spotted her date through the glass door and smiled.

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