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At the bottom of the page, you will also find the codes for all of the Skype Flag Icons.What you might not know is that there are lots of funny Skype Emoticons, such as the mooning Skype guy!This means to fuck, in the physical way as well as the mental one, just like ‘to get screwed’.In that case, it is mostly used in the reflexive form: “se faire baiser”.Learn French using Skype on Preply - good quality classes with prices starting from /hour.

For me, learning languages means breaking down the barriers between different cultu...

This is the complete resource for Skype symbols, smileys and icons.

This section includes hidden skype emoticons, flag skype emoticons and special skype smiley art.

Learn the Hidden Skype Emoticons and Secret Skype Smileys!

On this page you will find all of the Skype Emoticons, (some people call then Skype Smiles or Skype Smileys, but the real title is Skype Emoticons).

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