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E.)Wiki: "Eros and Psyche plaster medallion excavated in Begram, collections of National Museum of Afghanistan;on exhibit at British Museum, London. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Begram Medallion5.jpg#mediaviewer/File: Begram Medallion5.jpg" CUPID AND PSYCHE ON ROMAN SARCOPHAGUS, 190-200 C. (FOUR VIEWS) Psykhe and Eros, Antioch, House of the Drinking Contest The winged god Eros (Love) sits on a throne beside his wife Psykhe (Soul), or mother Aphrodite.

E.) Early Group of Eros and Psyche (replica) (Early 1st century B. E.) Early group (Hellenistic Eros and Psyche, with curved wings) Cupid and Psyche (1st century, painting, Pompeii) Early group (Pre-Apuleius Cupid and Psyche) Eros and Psyche, (1st century C.

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After reviewing the images, which depict Hendrick in a skimpy green bikini decorated with images of watermelon segments, the ASA agreed and ordered the website to remove them immediately.Aion may here be the same as Ouranos (Heaven), the consort of Gaia.The four winged ladies above Aion labelled "Erop-" or "Erot-"(? Beside them stand figures labelled Georgia (Farmer) and Gripeus (Fisherman). Along the top are the heads of four blowing Wind-gods and a pair of winged boys named Drosoi (Pure Waters) who pour liquid from pottery vessels.Kristen, along with her co-presenter, jointly leads the FBI’s efforts to prevent and deter the practice of FGM within the United States.Luís Acuña-Pilgrim is the current Education Specialist with the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, a nationally-recognized nonprofit for its leadership on child abuse issues.

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